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This was the first charterhouse, or Carthusian monastery, in the Iberian peninsula making it an extremely important cultural monument. It was founded in 1194 with a donation of lands by the king Alfons el Cast. Throughout its history it underwent a series of refurbishments and rebuilding, which went on until the 18th century, when it had 3 cloisters with a total of 30 cells.


Carthusian Monastery of Escaladei


It was a centre of notable religious interest and of an important school of painting, and was the origin of the historic Priorat, the name which is now applied to the whole district.
As a result of the suppression of the monasteries in 1835 the community left and the destruction of the buildings began.
Nonetheless, by visiting the ruins, with the Portal of the Virgin Mary, in Baroque style, the church, in which a number of artistic styles are combined, and above all the reconstructed monk's cell, whose contents reflect the way of life of the monks, you can form an interesting impression of life in the charterhouse.
The location of Escaladei, at the foot of the Montsant range, is one of great scenic beauty, The church, which was extended in the 18th century, is still standing.


La Cartoixa d'Scala Dei
Camí de la Cartoixa s/n
CP.43739 - Scala Dei

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